Operator (Thats Not The Way It Feels) - Various - Soft Rock: Gold (CD)

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  1. ♫ Thats The Way It Is ♫ The City ♫ The Love Sermon ♫ Theres No Way ♫ To Sir With Love ♫ Together Again ♫ Unchained Melody ♫ What Am I Gonna Do With Myself ♫ You Ought To Be With Me AIR SUPPLY ♫ All Out Of Love (Live) ♫ Chances ♫ Chances (Live) ♫ Even The Nights Are Better ♫ Every Woman In The World ♫ Free To Love.
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  3. Jun 28,  · "If you love melodic music thats not too soft or not to hard, this is the album. It came out in and im still listening to it in !" LIVE AT ROXY
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  5. Jan 03,  · "Five O' Clock World" (Allen Reynolds) E D E D [hey] [hey] [hey] [hey] Verse 1: E D E D Up every morning just to keep a job E D E D I gotta fight my way through the hustlin' mob E D E D Sounds of the city poundin' in my brain E D E While another day goes down the drain Chorus 1: A D A D But it's a five o'clock world when the whistle blows A D A.
  6. It was playing on the classic rock playlist at my work but I was too busy to check the song. I’ve never had much difficulty finding a song before! It isn’t really hard rock, it’s more soft. The end, as it’s fading out sort of sounds like trumpets or something but they aren’t in the song up until the end.
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